About Shaahin Cheyene 
I DROPPED OUT - I dropped out of high school and went on to discover that you can't learn the principles that make you wealthy in this economy at any school.

When I dropped out of high school in 1990 and started Herbal Ecstacy ( the largest herbal supplement company of its era) it bothered me that the market was controlled and monopolized by a few large companies. None of the techniques the so-called experts taught actually worked. (Not much has changed since 1990!)

So I went against conventional wisdom and decide to focus on building a product and company that lived outside of conventional wisdom and used tired and tested systems to create a $350,000,000 beast who’s products disrupted entire industries. (READ MORE OF MY STORY IN THE PRESS SECTION!)

This made me a deca-millionaire and it gave me all the time I wanted to spend traveling with the family.

I started my most recent company Accelerated Intelligence in 2009. We were one of the first sellers on Amazon and quickly learned all of the tricks to dominate on that site.

In the years to follow I have worked for countless companies and individuals like yourself , taking products and companies from $0 to millions on the Amazon platform.

Now me and my companies manage entire catalogs for Fortune 500’s and start-ups alike and are on the cutting edge of Amazon and beyond.
✅ MY EXPERTISE: I help biz owners achieve the feeling of relaxed confidence in their predictable sales process, through a sales system that never fails, and goes way beyond traditional (and often problematic) methods.

✅ MY CLIENTS: Individuals looking for a CASH FLOW positive business to Biz owners in the $1M - $30M range who are either selling themselves, and/or have teams, or want to start and grow the Amazon sales.
✅ HOW I DO THIS: We implement a proven Amazon sales system and tailor it to your specific needs
✅ WHAT MAKES ME DIFFERENT: I was where you are now or worse! When I first started my company I was 16. By the time I was 18 I had grown that company to over $350 MILLION dollars in sales. I didn't know it then but the same algorithm I used to go from Zero to Hero works in any market.
✅ HOW IT WORKS: We start with a complimentary call to see if we are a good fit to work together
✅ IS 15 MINUTES TOO MUCH TIME? Reach out to me directly on LinkedIn, email me at ai@xlrl.net, visit me online at www.shaahincheyene.com, or call me at 310-467-1002
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